Jack's Jellys

Home Made with fresh ripe hand picked ingredients

Jack only does one thing. Make Inspired addictive Spicy Pepper Jelly and Sauce using hand picked ingredients.

The Sauce is more of a thicker liquid, where the Jelly is like a Jam/Spread.

The "HOT" versions of each pride themselves in Taste over Heat. The "EXTRA HOT" versions pride them selves equally in Heat and Taste with a warm lingering  "after Taste".

IMPRESSIVE GIFT IDEA for Family and Friends, or a House Warming Gift, or a "What can I/We bring?

Stand out above the competition with this Home Made, "Thanks for your business", Gift to your Customers and Clients too!

Rev your metabolism  with  Jack's Hot Pepper Jelly. The first step to blasting belly fat is to rev your metabolism.